Quarterly newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

This is a quarterly publication as the name states and updates all members on the developments, activities, events etc of all our member branches. It also gives information on activities and the impact of our professional affiliates and partner organisations. All members may write something for the newsletter and submit the material to their Inter-University Representative who will then submit the compiled updated version to YALDA. The YALDA newsletter will be emailed out and posted on the YALDA website every month. Deadlines for submission are the 22nd of December, March, June and September.


2020 Quarterly Newsletters

Volume 2: Issue 4

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2019 Quarterly Newsletters

Voulme 1: Issue 4


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Voulme 1: Issue 3

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Voulme 1: Issue 2

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Voulme 1: Issue 1

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Published Date : 2019-03-01