Branch registration

Branch Registration


If you are a student at any tertiary educational institution (university, college, etc.) with internet access, you can apply to start an official YALDA branch.; However, if you are a young professional you can still also apply to start a YALDA branch.

In order to complete your application form your branch, you must first contact the YALDA International Branches Coordinator with your intentions at You will then receive all the materials and instructions in the form of the“YALDA Branch Action Plan (the BAP)” with all you need to get started. You can also find it online here. Once you have confirmed receipt of theBAPyou need to go through it in detail to ensure you meet all the requirements for setting up a branch before you submit your application.

You may submit your application here

Once the YALDA International Executive Committee has accepted your application, you will receive an official Branch Certificate, confirming you are a recognised YALDA branch.

All your Branch Executive Members will then be sent emails with your Branch Access code inviting them to register as YALDA members.


The Inter-University Representative at your branch must complete the branch registration page. He/she will use the Branch Access code sent to him/her via email upon the success of the application to form a YALDA Branch.

The Inter-University Representative must make sure ALL the YALDA Executive Members of his/her branch are registered on the YALDA website as YALDA members before registering their branch. The Executive Members of the branch would have already been sent emails with the Branch Access Code allowing them to register.

As the Inter-University Representative, you must ensure that the information you provide is accurate and has been approved by your branch’s Executive Board.

Please note that all of your other branch’s members should register separately as individual members of YALDA, only after your branch registration has been completed.

Please complete the following branch registration form.

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Please access registraion from with member code and complete it in order to login YALDA via

University Branch Registration