Partner organisation registration

Partner Organisation Registration

If you are part of an organisation working in any field and playing/ interested in playing a role in the welfare and development of Africa, regardless of location or country of origin, then we invite you to register your organisation on our website and become part of the ever-growing YALDA network. 

As a member of the network, your Organisation Profile will be accessible to all youth members and professional affiliates.  These people will be able to contact your organisation directly for more information and/ or get involved in the work that you do etc.  We regret that organisation cannot browse the database but, we encourage your contact person to register as a Youth Member or Professional Affiliate, both of which allow full access to the database.  

YALDA Partner Organisation serves as very important contributors to the YALDA network as they offer a wide array of services, for example, sources of up to date information; volunteer, internship and job opportunities; training and mentoring that enables youth to develop their leadership skills and become self reliant etc.  Organisation themselves choose exactly how they want to be involved with YALDA and what benefits they would like to offer our members.  In addition, you can invite our members to register as members of your organisation.

Organisation can also submit to our newsletter and publications and/ or participate in our biennial conference on the African continent. 

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Organisation, please fill out the form below and tell us how you would like to get involved.

Please complete the following partner organisation registration form (accurately and truthfully).

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Other information

If you selected that you are a Youth-Run organisation please answer the following questions:

The information you provide for the next following questions is confidential and will NOT be accessible to any of the YALDA members

Finally, please read the following responsibilities carefully in order to complete the registration process. I agree that……

  1. I will respect the right to privacy and security of all members of this network, and I will not share any of the information I find on the YALDA network with non-YALDA members.
  2. I will treat with the utmost confidentiality and not disclose to third parties any information that I read and/or exchange with YALDA members or YALDA organisation relating to initiative ideas, business plans, inventions, technologies and any other materials that would be deemed proprietary information.
  3. I will be respectful and considerate when contacting YALDA members, and when posting material on the website.
  4. I will update our organisation profile immediately if there are any changes to our email address and other contact information.
  5. I will frequently update our organisation profile as and when updates are needed.
  6. All information I post on the YALDA website will be true to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I will make an effort to invite other professionals, organisation and youth to join the YALDA network.
  8. I understand the mission and the purpose of YALDA.
  9. I understand that as a partner organisation of YALDA that neither myself nor our organisation or our organisation members are YALDA members.
  10. I understand that YALDA is not responsible for any of the activities or comments of our organisation.
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