YALDA is a networking organisation that is truly Africa branded:
“By Africans, For Africa”

YALDA Connect allows you to build the bridges needed to support one whole vision, rather than two half visions for Africa.  Your online profile is an innovative way that allows youth to connect with other youth, professionals and organisations that have complimentary needs and interests.

YALDA’s 3 Spheres of Collaboration

YALDA Connect is Simply Great!

Connect now and grow your network so you too can:

  • Communicate your needs and innovative ideas to each other and directly to professionals and leaders worldwide, to ensure your ideas receive the critical support and guidance needed for their implementation. 
  • Provide a range of opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships with peers and professionals
  • Interact with others interested or invested in your specific fields of interest
  • Provide others with opportunities to be mentored by accomplished individuals
  • Foster respect, appreciation, and a spirit of collaboration between young people of diverse backgrounds


Youth Member Connections

Professional Affiliate Connections

Partner Organisation Connections